Born Again T-Shirt Club Subscription

At Kingdom Society Apparel, we believe in dressing with purpose, reflecting your faith in every outfit. Introducing our Born Again T-Shirt Club Subscription - a curated collection of exclusive, faith-inspired apparel delivered straight to your doorstep every season.

Why Choose Kingdom Society Apparel's Born Again Subscription?

  • Each item in our collection is thoughtfully designed to inspire and uplift, reflecting the beauty of your faith.
  • We prioritize superior quality, ensuring comfort and durability in every garment.
  • Receive a handpicked selection of faith-inspired clothing items every quarter, perfectly aligned with the changing seasons.

Get a New Exclusive Design Delivered to you Monthly!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the shirt doesn't fit?

Born Again T-Shirt Club orders are eligible for FREE size exchanges within 15 days of delivery confirmation. Email us at

Will I get a shirt I already have?

NO! All Born Again Club shirts are new, never before released designs.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, simply login to the Born Again Club portal and cancel your subscription!

Can I change my size?

Yes, send us a an email about your size change.

When will my order ship?

All Born Again Club orders are billed on the first of the month and ship around the 15th of the month. If you order after the 15th of the month, you will receive your order next month so you are not billed twice within a few weeks.