Let us host a T-Shirt Fundraiser

Kingdom Society Apparel is expanding our philanthropic arms to help non-profit 501c3 organizations raise money. We will share the sale with your non-profit 501c3 organization from each purchase of your custom design shirt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a T-Shirt Fundraiser?

Our t-shirt fundraising service will help your ministry raise money for the needs of the church through the sale of customized apparel. You get your own Fundraising page where your supporters make purchases and donations, and we handle all of the details. At the end of your fundraiser, we ship the shirts and send the funds that were raised to your ministry or your designated charity or other organization.

How this works

Our design process is completely free of charge. We will work with you to design the perfect shirt for your ministry.

Here's how it works:

Create a custom design for one t-shirt design.

Decide what you want to charge for your items, when you want your fundraiser to end, and your sales goal (this is just a goal, not a minimum).

Write a few words about the cause you're raising money for, along with a photo or video (fundraisers that include a photo or video do better than those that don't).

We'll generate a custom fundraising page with all of this information, along with images of your custom item. Share the link to your page with your congregation and supporters via email, social media, and any other ways you can think of to spread the word.

People purchase items directly from the page (and make additional donations, unless you disable that option).

Kingdom Society Apparel handles payment processing, delivery, customer service, and other details. When the fundraiser is over, we ship the shirts and send the funds raised to the designated person, church, or charity.

How much can I raise?

Each individual page will have its own unique fundraising potential. The order costs are based on several different factors, including the product you choose, the number of colors printed on either side of the item, and the price you set for your items.

The more items you sell, the less it costs per item and the more money you raise for your cause!

How Does Kingdom Society Apparel Make money?

Kingdom Society Apparel wants everyone to benefit from our t-shirt fundraiser. That’s why a ministry/organizer can launch a fundraising page without upfront costs! In order to make that possible, the cost to host and manage your fundraiser is built into the order cost of the items you sell.

In addition, if a supporter adds a donation to their purchase or donates funds only, a 2.9% processing fee will be deducted. This money is passed through our credit card processor, so none of it goes to Kingdom Society Apparel.

How long should I run my fundraiser?

We've seen our most successful fundraisers run anywhere from 2-4 weeks. This will allow enough time to promote your page and give your supporters enough time to support but will be short enough to get the shirts out quickly .

Please keep in mind that shirts are usually delivered approximately 12 working days after a page closes, so if you have a tight deadline, or an event date you'd like to have the shirts in time for, you'll need to leave enough time between the end of your Fundraising page and your event date.

The purchasing time will close at 11:59 pm EST on the day you choose to end the Fundraiser. If needed, you can extend your fundraiser by 3 days.

How and when will the funds be sent?

The amount of time it takes to receive your funds depends on the payment method you select.

We can send funds via Paypal, ACH or check!

There are 3 options for a beneficiary: Organizer, a charity, or a third party.

Organizer: If you selected to have your funds sent to you via Paypal. This disbursement takes no more than two weeks from the day your fundraiser closes.

Charity: If you select an organization or non-profit, there is the option for an online donation through their homepage/donation link or a check. The check can be mailed to the organizer to hand over to the organization, but please include "c/o" with the organizer name in the mailing address. Online payments take no more than two weeks and checks take about 4 weeks.

Third Party: This can be another person, group or team. The options for payment are a team/group website or a check. The check can be mailed to the organizer to hand over to the third party, but please include "c/o" with the organizer name in the mailing address. Online payments take no more than two weeks and checks take about 4 weeks.

How can I promote my T-Shirt Fundraiser?

We will provide one T-Shirt mock-up per design and fundraising page . Social Media and Flyer packages are available for purchase.

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