Woman of Faith Award

The mission of the Woman of Faith Award is to foster sisterhood in the ministry and contribute to supporting those women committed to giving, mentorship, and teaching.

Our initiative is dedicated to promoting unity and collaboration among women in ministry. As part of our commitment, we allocate 10% of our sales to directly benefit women working in various facets of ministry. This contribution is our way of giving back and supporting the incredible efforts of women who serve their communities through their faith-based work.

Woman of Faith Magazine

Woman of Faith Magazine
-Opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

-All magazine purchases go 100% back into the Woman of Faith fund for next years' recipient.

-Recognition Increases your social proof for digital ministryIncome generation for ministry needsHelps market other products you already have.

-Creates ministry opportunities.

-It's no work to make money from your magazine purchases.

-More exposure for ministry so God can get the Glory.


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